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Computer visualization of industrial area
Green tech projects could grow northern Sweden’s population by 20 percent

Västerbotten and Norrbotten counties could see 100,000 new residents by 2035 thanks to coming projects such as battery plants and fossil-free steel production.

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Exhibition at Hybrit
A second fossil-free steel mill is planned for northern Sweden

The hydrogen-powered steel plant in Boden would significantly reduce Sweden’s emissions from steel production.

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Hybrit building with northern lights in the background
A Green Steel Revolution

The first stop of our journey discovering the growing hydrogen economy is in Sweden to visit the HYBRIT plant. This project yearns to revolutionize Swedish iron and steel production by delivering the first fossil-free steel.

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Sunset in the swedish mountains
The New Industrial Frontier

Northern Sweden has long struggled with de-population and unemployment but a new wave of fossil-free industry is now bringing hope for the future amidst the largest industrial investments in Swedish history.

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Event meeting with big screens on stage.
“What we are seeing is the beginning of a new green industrial revolution”

Svemin was one of the first industries to launch its updated Climate Roadmap. On Wednesday, it was time to hand over this year’s combined follow-up report to the Minister for Energy, Business and Industry, Ebba Busch, together with the other 21 business sectors within Fossil Free Sweden.

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Red hot Steel block at the factory
HYBRIT – A trailblazer in steel industry’s green revolution

With the technological shift in steel manufacturing being the need of the hour, in 2016, Swedish manufacturer SSAB joined forces with mining company LKAB and energy provider Vattenfall, thus HYBRIT was born.

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Luleå sea port with boats and cranes.
Pulling power: the green lure of Sweden’s industrial far north

Long home to polluting industries, the hydro and wind power of Sweden’s far north is set to reduce the country’s carbon footprint as it lures low-emission manufacturers and creates thousands of jobs for those willing to brave the dark and cold.

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Workers with helmets down in a mine.
The green revolution sweeping Sweden

A boom of renewable-powered industries has found a home in northern Sweden, fueling the country’s ambitions of a fossil-free economy.

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Anne Graf indoors
Three quick questions to Anne Graf

We asked our colleague Anne Graf a few questions about her background and why she joined H2 Green Steel.

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Illustration with green leaves coming out of a factory chimney. Next to it is the text "Join us for a cooler future".
At the center of the green transition

In the counties Norrbotten and Västerbotten, multi-billion investments for a fossil-free future are made. Luleå University of Technology contributes with challenging research and educations that match the skills the green transition demands.

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Two persons walking in deep snow on a field

The company H2 Green Steel (H2GS AB) and the municipality of Boden have drawn up a letter of intent for the acquisition of the 500-hectare land area in Norra Svartbyn, BIP (Boden Industrial Park).

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Speaker in front of podium
The industrial revolution – developed in close collaboration with the Luleå
University of Technology

In the coming years, northern Sweden needs to recruit over 20 000 new employees. A big challenge – but a necessity to scale up the green industries.

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Woman and a small child in Luleå center shopping street.
Green industry makes Swedish Luleå try to grow three times faster

There is a race on in Northern Sweden. Enormous investments in new technology give the largest of the Nordic countries the chance to compete with others to be the first to kickstart the green transition.

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Underground tunnel dug out of the rock
HYBRIT: A unique, underground, fossil-free hydrogen gas storage facility is being inaugurated in Luleå

SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall are inaugurating HYBRIT’s pilot facility for fossil-free hydrogen gas storage at Svartöberget in Luleå, Sweden.

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Wind energy park in sunset
Meet the foreigners moving to northern Sweden to turn industry green

Sweden’s government believes 100,000 new inhabitants will have to move to the country’s two northernmost regions to launch a series of ambitious green industrial projects.

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Illustration of planned industrial area
LKAB chooses Luleå for circular industrial park

LULEÅ The state-owned mining company LKAB chooses Luleå for the circular industrial park for phosphorus and rare earth elements.

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Illustration of industrial buildings by the water
LKAB Industrial Park in Luleå

The ReeMAP Industrial Park has the potential to become a centre for the chemical engineering industry in northern Sweden which extracts tomorrow’s resources using innovative technology.

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